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When You're Ready to Save Big on Your Utility Bill

Are you tired of paying that big electric bill month after month? Want to ditch your power company? If you're interested in going off the electrical grid for the power you need, turn to the solar energy contractors at Solar-HI Maui for solar panel and solar air conditioning installation. We also offer battery-based systems designed to last for two decades plus. 

Our owners, Damon and Michael, have been in the industry for years. Damon has worked with solar energy panels since 2006. Michael has a background in the electrical industry and knows how to build an electrical system from the ground up. 

We've been helping Maui, HI home and business owners reap the rewards of solar energy since 2012. Call 808-875-4464 now to schedule an appointment for residential and commercial solar panels.

Installing a Solar Energy System Has Never Been Easier


Since Damon and Michael established the firm in 2012, Solar-Hi Maui has been the solar energy company of choice for numerous home and business owners in the Maui, HI area. 

Damon has always been interested in energy efficiency and started out in the industry in 2006. Michael has an extensive background in electrical services and can work on any kind of electrical system. 

We utilize this broad range of experience to design and install the perfect solar energy system for you. 

Choose Solar-HI Maui, a division of Jackson Electric LLC, for residential and commercial:

  • Solar air conditioning
  • Solar panel installation
  • Battery-based systems


When you’re tired of being tied to the conventional electrical grid, trust Solar-HI Maui in Hawaii to install residential or commercial solar energy panels and air conditioning. 

We’ll discuss your goals, your budget and your current utility bill to determine the best options for your needs and finances. Then we’ll use that information to customize a solar energy system for your home or workspace. 

We can mount solar panels on your roof or on the ground. Once your solar energy system or air conditioning is installed, we’ll monitor the system to make sure it operates properly. 

The solar energy contractors at Solar-HI Maui will handle your entire project from start to finish. Contact us now for solar panel or solar air conditioning installation services. 

Hire nationally certified contractors to install your system

Solar-HI Maui, a division of Jackson Electric LLC, employs seasoned specialists who will oversee the entire design and installation process. We're nationally certified and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

We'll discuss your goals and your current electric bill to customize a system that fits your budget and the layout of your house. Our solar energy contractors can install ground-mounted or roof-mounted panels, depending on the needs of your property.

There are numerous benefits to solar energy.
Switching to solar will: 

  • Increase your energy independence
  • Protect the environment
  • Increase your home value
  • Lower your utility bill

Solar-HI Maui will manage your entire installation

Our solar energy experts will oversee the design and installation of your solar energy system from start to finish. We'll obtain the necessary permits and arrange financing if needed. 

Once we've installed your solar energy panels or solar air conditioning, we'll monitor the system to make sure everything is operating smoothly. 

Schedule an appointment with Solar-HI Maui today for residential or commercial solar panel and air conditioning installation services.